ESRA is a French Film School, created in 1972; it is the only private school entitled by the French government to issue and deliver a State degree (BAC+3) (same level as U.S. bachelor state degree).

ESRA alumni include over 4,000 active professionals in the film industry - which can be found on our Alumni website.
They now work in the fields of cinema, television, music, sound engineering and animation film.

Based in Paris, ESRA, also has campuses in Nice, on the French Riviera, since 1988, in Rennes since 1999 and in Brussels since 2015.

The French-language undergraduate three-year programs are accessible to students after completion of the "Baccalauréat" (high-school diploma). In all programs, students choose a specialization for their third year of study.

Each establishment includes a Film/Television department (ESRA), a Sound engineering dept. (ISTS) and an Animation Film dept. (ESRA 3D). All teachings function on a three-year basis after the "BAC" (Bac = High School +1 year). In all departments, students choose their major on the third year of studies from a range of options. 


ESRA International is now offering a variety of English-language filmmaking programs for foreign students and adults who wish to acquire a solid foundation in filmmaking - from screenwriting, directing, and production, to technical skills in cinematography, sound and editing. English-language programs are currently being expanded from Paris, to Nice and Brussels. Please find on this website and in the brochure more information about the 1 Year, 3 Year and Summer programs.

ESRA also includes a CONTINUING EDUCATION department, which welcomes professionals and amateurs for complementary formations which range from 1 week to 9 months duration.


Students who graduate from the French three year program or from the English one year or three year programs their three-year course in France can sign up for an optional fourth year of studies in NYC, during which they take lessons in English and shoot a short movie, in collaboration with actors from the New School for Drama.


ESRA offer to students who earned a bachelor degree (or BAC +3) two professional diplomas: one in FILM PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION, and one in SCRIPTWRITING for fiction and documentary.


For further information please browse this website and read the brochure / application. For inquiries, please write to :
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If your inquiry is specifically about summer programs, you can write to :
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You can also call +33 (0) 769927441.


To see a selection of short movies made by ESRA students, go to

Here is an example of a short film made by students of the 1 year New York City program :